Fun Stickers Principal, Andrew Chase had realised that teachers and the Education market were being exploited with overpriced and seemingly poor quality stickers used for rewarding their students.

With this in mind and already established as the UK’s largest sticker company, Fun Stickers decided they could bring their wealth of knowledge of the sticker industry direct to the Education sector.

They created a brand new division within the company and called it Motivation and Rewards Scheme.


Andrew discussed his ideas with Richard Jay, an old friend and business associate with a wealth of experience working within the educational sector.

Educational Rewards Stickers soon became the obvious choice with Fun Stickers already supplying a core range of Motivational Stickers to most of the major high street retailers and supermarkets such as Rymans, The Works, WM Morrisons & Poundland with all the latest and on trend designs. With this in mind we developed the tag line ‘Making Rewards Affordable’ and came up with the idea of the Term Box.


A bundled box containing 450 sheets, with over 30,000 Motivation and Rewards Stickers in 30 different styles!

Each box cleverly designed to last for a schools full term period.

Importantly and because we really believe in the value of our product the ‘Term Box’ is offered on a sale or return basis at no cost to you if you don’t wish to purchase.

The box is delivered but if you view the contents and decide that they’re not for you then it can be returned.

Go check our sticker deals at and find the deal that suits you best - Huge savings against all our competitors
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