It’s simple! Fill in the form below with all the details. The Term Box of stickers will be sent via courier to you at school to browse at your leisure. Should you decide not to keep the box, it will be collected within 2 weeks at no cost to you.
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This is our simple No Risk Rewards policy

Our unique No Risk Rewards policy allows you the freedom to see the value and the quality that the Term Box offers.

There is no commitment to keeping them before you’re sure they’re right for your teaching needs.

We create an invoice which is attached to the box and shipped to your school. This is usually sent to the person who ordered the stickers and if required the school’s bursar or finance manager.

In the event you decide the Term Box contents does not match your teaching needs, it’s no problem as then you only need to contact us and we will arrange for it to be collected from you within 2 weeks and the invoice will become void.

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