All of our Motivation and Rewards Sticker sheets are 100% paper and you won’t find any plastic in our packaging!

‘If current trends continue with the production and disposal of single use plastics, it is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic waste in the oceans than fish’

There will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic in landfills and the environment, that is 35,000 times heavier than the Empire State Building. All very worrying statistics. That is why here at Fun Stickers we are taking action against single use plastics in our schools.


Since mass production started, 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced.
6.3 billion tonnes has become plastic waste.
Only 9% has been recycled.
12% has been incinerated.
...and a shocking 79% is accumulating in landfill or is in the environment as plastic pollution.


We are currently a member of Sedex, thus ensuring that we comply with new legislation. We use internationally accredited laboratories to test our product to ensure they comply with all relevant safety requirements.

All our factories are BSCI approved, audits are carried out to ensure they are consistently adhering to not only our internal expectations/requirements but also the Ethical Trade Initiative’s Code of Conduct.

All our stickers are tested and conform with BSEN:71-1:2011, BSEN:71-2:2011, BSEN:71-3:2013


We have the following approach to managing our ethical sourcing policy.

All Fun Stickers products are manufactured in fully audited factories.
All production facilities used by Fun Stickers are SEDEX members and offer their workers safe and healthy workplaces.
We support, advise and work with the factories to improve standards and resolve issues.
Fun Stickers is committed to legal compliance and ethical business practices in all the operations and we require all our factories to extend the same principle to all those with whom they do business, including sub-contractors and other third parties.

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